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  The trailer for Avenger’s endgame is out

The final series in Avenger’s 10 years dramatic storyline sees Brie Larsen (as captain Marvel) joining forces with other heroes in the series. This one is a star-studded cast along with those that endured “Infinity War’s” devastating events. These casts include Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Chris Evans (Captain America), Robert Downey (Iron man).  They have embarked on another dangerous mission to rescue those who presumably died in “Infinity War”.


More tributes coming in for Country Music star, Justin Carter.

17tth of March was a sad day for fans of music star Justin Carter, when his death was confirmed in his Facebook page. The upcoming Country singer passed on after a movie video shoot went all wrong. The 35 year old accidentally shot himself in his Houston apartment while trying to make a new music video. Since his death, tributes have poured from various part of the world, including from top music icons.

Prince Harry tries horticulture

The Duke of Sussex decided to plant trees with pupils in London to support Woodland Trust and Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy Initiative (QCCI).

World’s youngest billionaire speaks on inheritance

According to Forbes, Kylie Jenner is the youngest billionaire in the world. And she’s just 21. Mark Zuckerberg, at 23, held the previous record. Her case is even more special when she revealed that no part of her money was an inheritance. In other words, she’s a self made billionaire at the age of 21. Her net worth is valued at $1 billion.

And to think majority of that money was from her three year old Kylie Cosmetics is even more astonishing. Her sisters, the Kardashians, are not doing badly on their own. But they are way below the $1 billion mark their sister has reached.

Kylie has also revealed that her financial leap was possible because she already had huge followers on social media before she began.  So, it wasn’t too difficult to get people to like her cosmetics product.

Summer is here, Kendall Jenner leads the way

If you are looking for ideas for the summer wears, you can check out Kendall Jenner’s Instagram page. The Super Model has posted another revealing look on her page. It will make you decide to shop for a new swimwear. This time, she is seen wearing a tiny yellow bikini. No doubt, she is prepared for the fast approaching summer.

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