yorkies at home

Yorkies are lovely small breeds of dog with spunky personality. They are one of the smallest breeds, which make them cute as pets. However, they don’t sit back and watch the world just because they are small. They actually act more than their age. Yorkies bark a lot and have a big attitude. If you want to have one as a pet, the following are things you need to know about keeping yorkies at home.


They need regular grooming

When it comes to grooming a pet and especially a yorkie, it is a regular process. They require bathing and cleaning on a weekly basis. This breed of dog has sensitive skin and fur. Without proper care, it will be easy to open doors for bacteria into their body. You need to trim their hair too. Otherwise they will have challenges to move freely when their hair grow too long. To keep them clean and the environment tidy, you should wear them diapers for yorkies.

They may not be too easy to house-train

Training a yorkie is a lot more difficult than some other types of breed. You need to be consistent and patient because their stubborn temperament does not help the situation. You may also find it difficult to train them to use their litter box. In this case, you can get diapers for yorkies to prevent their mess on your carpet. There are also dog belly bands available to prevent odors or urine stains on your carpet. Consistency and patience are the two most important attitudes to have when training a yorkie.


They bark quite often

Most Yorkies bark too much. It may be a good thing to some people or frustrating to some others. A Yorkie does well as a watch dog. They will alert you and draw your attention to anything that seems out of ordinary to them. But with a good training, you can significantly reduce their barking habits. Watch activities around the dog and see if there is a reason why he barks too often. It may be because he is scared or insecure about something in the environment.  Or it could just be stress. But with proper training and grooming, you can reduce their barking rate.


They are not too friendly to children

Yorkies are not great to have around when there are kids. If you have young children or babies, you may have to reconsider getting a yorkie for your home. This is mainly due to their size. Their small size means children can easily step on them, which may cause them injuries. On such occasions, they can snap or growl since they felt threatened. If you are going to have a Yorkshire terrier where there are kids, you need to supervise their activities around the kids

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