smallest electric smokers

Which are the smallest electric smokers to buy?

If portability is your major consideration when buying an electric smoker, you will have a plethora of options. But not all small smokers have the best features. Portability is just one of its benefits. The smoker may turn out to be what you really don’t need.

Some electric smokers are not just portable but they also perform better. Some have better features that can aid your cooking experience. If you are looking for the smallest electric smokers to buy, there are some great models you can choose with the right features. Below are suggestions to the best family electric smokers you can buy.


Masterbuilt family

The Masterbuilt smoker brand produces some of the smallest electric smokers in the market. The 30 inches model is a particularly portable one for those looking for family electric smokers. The smoker is a very simple and basic model with no wifi or Bluetooth. If you just want something small for your family, this Masterbuilt model fits that description.

Also, there is a positive aspect of all Masterbuilt smokers. They are designed with stainless steel body. This means you will be buying not just the smallest electric smoker but one of the most durable as well.

Little Chief Electric Smoker

Little Chief is considered the smallest electric smoker in the market because of its portability. Although it is small, the electric smoker is still large enough to cook meal for your whole family. The 250 watt capacity of the little Chief model is enough for smoking small sized meat portions.

Things to consider when buying the smallest electric smokers

If you are looking to buy the smallest electric smoker in the market, size will surely be your first consideration. But size does not actually make a good smoker. Once you have settled on your choice for portability, what are other things you need to look for?

Well, you wouldn’t need a smoker with so many racks. That’s for sure. What you should be concerned about is the technology and the durability. As stated earlier, select an electric smoker that can stand the test of time. The best smokers can stay for many years. Select a model with properly coated body with stainless steel construction. These are known to last longer than other models.

Other features like a tempered glass door will be necessary for convenience. With this type of glass door, you can see the status of your food without opening the smoker. Temperature control is also another important thing to consider. Once you select a smoker with the right meat probe, you will likely get every other thing right.

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