4 poems to fall in love with who you like

There is nothing better to show a person that you love them and they are important to you than to let them know through poetry. That is why in this article, we will share with you 5 completely original compliments poems to fall in love with and that will help you win the heart of that special someone. Use any of them to have a nice detail that will make a difference in the way she looks at you.

The light from your eyes

It is each of the sensations that you awaken inside me

what moves me to lose my mind with every word that comes out of your mouth

with each of the gestures that adorns your face

And the way you make sense of everything around me

illuminating all my days with the light of your eyes.

You have managed to raise my world populated by fantasies so high

that frightened me by believing that my dream can collide with reality

if you decide not to give this heart a chance

that the only thing he seeks is to seek your happiness

Well, your smile is the only thing that fills my life.

I tremble when your hands brush against mine

I look forward to the moment when our pupils cross

even for the smallest second

because it is enough for me to have a single and tiny memory

of the wonderful things that I can contemplate with the light of your gaze.

I want to walk your way and observe the things that you see

I want you to realize the flame that you have lit in my feelings

and get to know how your lips feel against mine,

because my greatest desire has become your mouth

that has managed to take my breath away even without being certain of its taste.

To say that I love you is little to describe what I really feel

that goes far beyond any affection that I may have professed

you are the reason that justifies my existence, my words and my actions

only you have the power to make me hesitate and at the same time

face the world with the light of your gaze.

To Eternity

I’m going to love you until the stars disappear from the sky

and the leaves of the trees stop falling with the arrival of autumn;

as long as the waves of the sea continue to reach the shores

and the sun keeps setting to accompany the sunset

The feeling that you have awakened in me will continue to last.

I could live with my skin hooked on yours

and my hands feeling the caress of your hair against his palms,

I would listen for a hundred centuries to the words that come out of your mouth

and I would ask at the last of my sighs, to be able to delight myself with your memory

feeling it deep inside me until eternity.

Although the painful hours pass every time I’m by your side

and the distance I threatened to separate my illusions

of the balm that is your presence in the depths of my heart

I will not stop feeling this love that you have awakened in my soul

although the same I got to hurt more than a thousand burning daggers.

You knew how to overcome my barriers to enter every corner of my mind

today you dance indefinitely in my imagination

wondering if it will be possible to make the moment last

Well there is nothing that I long for more in this life

than to leave the mark of this love until eternity.

I’m not afraid of the shadows that threaten what I’m feeling

because this is bigger than any adversity

if I am mute and lose myself in the dissolution

just to imagine that you can leave at any moment

making way for the ghost of my loneliness.

Even if winter comes …

The cold will never quench the burning that was born in my heart

since my gaze met yours,

from that moment you have accompanied me in infinite dreams

in each of my silences and yearnings

You know well without realizing what I need to be happy.

I promise you that even if winter comes

and threatened to wither my every wish in maturity

I will never be able to erase the sound of your voice from my memory

nor will I let the image of your hands and your smile disappear

that comforted me so much even in my vain illusions.

Enough may be the time I have to pass

to remove the color from my cheeks and color my hair with snow

And still it will never be enough to make me forget your eyes

that were like two stars in the sky of my heart,

together with you I discovered who could really be.

I can tell you that even though winter came

with intentions to freeze every glimmer of my feelings for you

These will never die even if life itself fades

because only in your figure and in your spirit

I have found refuge for all my daydreams.

You are like the breeze that instills passion in each of my hopes

you have become the flame capable of igniting all my impulses

I don’t want to wake up tomorrow and realize that you’re not by my side

because doing so would plunge me into the deepest despair

and I would be separating myself from all my joys.

While the rain falls

The sound of drops spilling on my window pane

reminds me of old memories where you’ve been for a long time

preventing me from falling asleep and intervening in my days

making me feel like I’m off the ground and sometimes

back to earth abruptly when reality strikes me.

You are like the scent of dew on the flowers

and the sun waking up from its slumber after a cloudy morning

you take my last sigh with each of your gestures

you make me conceive impossible wishes

and get lost inside a world full of dreams.

Your hands have always shown me the way to go

in each moment in which they approach mine or touch my face,

your look is the reflection of a hidden feeling

that burns to be next to mine despite the doubts you may harbor

and they are the ones that increase my uncertainty.

If only I could prolong those moments when you are by my side

to let you know how much you mean in my life

you are my greatest dream and at the same time my greatest torment

don’t leave me in the arid desert of your hesitation

when we can join our trails at the same point.

There are so many things that come to my mind,

situations that belong to you because you move my whole world

desire to reach the most hidden corner of your heart and never leave there

break down all the walls that imprison your passion

and live in it together while the rain falls.

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