Dakota Cub’s Extended Slotted Wing

Flight basic safety is one area all pilots discuss about. They Reside it, acknowledge it, and generally hope to choose it within their working day-to-working day life from the aviation entire world. For that Tremendous Cub fanatic, the Extended Slotted Wing from Dakota Cub offers pilots the opportunity to increase their security margin and boosting the climb efficiency with the plane.

Think about flying your Tremendous Cub at a high angle of assault With all the airspeed indicator reading 20 mph, then rolling into 60-levels of bank and initiating a climbing spiral though selecting an influence location that’s lower than full throttle! That is definitely the typical exhibition that sells the Dakota Cub Prolonged Slotted Wing. The 2nd most talked about quality of the wing is a chance superslot to have whole flight Management authority at high angles of assault. No extra soft controls, plopping it down, or wing drop on stall.

Mark Erickson, the founder of Dakota Cub, commenced his mission within the 1990’s. All he wished was a Cub rib. Practically nothing from Piper was offered at an affordable cost and For the reason that Piper ribs had been so fragile, he chose to Create his individual. He used modern-day engineering to an outdated Piper wing which was originally made with the YL-fourteen liaison Edition in the J5C Cub. The YL-14 wing was a slotted wing. According to Erickson, there were only fourteen of these plane developed ahead of the conclude of Entire world War two. They were exclusively engineered for short acquire-offs of 100-toes and climbs with significant angles of assault. There are only two of these nevertheless from the air nowadays – one in Spain; the opposite in Nebraska.

The Dakota Cub Extended Slotted Wing has many variances in comparison to the initial Cub wing as well as the L-fourteen wing for instance. Erickson revised the first Piper US35B airfoil used for the L-fourteen. He developed a custom made “T” formed extrusion Together with the exact Proportions that when used in building a truss-model rib, is lighter, easier to operate with, plus more robust than the initial wing. Erickson obtained a STC for the new wing in 1993.

Erickson’s new rib only adds 7 lbs to the weight of each primary Piper wing. The new wing has long been structurally examined to in obtain of 2,200 lbs, nevertheless, the STC restrictions the gross pounds to 1,750 lbs for the initial wing or 2,000 lbs for anyone wings Geared up With all the Wipaire One Ton Cub STC. This synthetic reduction will hopefully be transformed Down the road. While in the intervening decades, Erickson has developed ribs and many other components which can be FAA PMA-ed for all rag-wing Pipers. Erickson was granted the STC for the full-length leading edge slot in 1998. This slot can help protect the boundary layer of airflow at sluggish speeds. Along with that, Erickson engineered a squared off wing and removed the suggestion bow offering the wing a further six% area spot, greater the flaps which results in 44% far more flap space, and pushed the ailerons outward 23-inches to the edge in the wing. He calls it the “Extended Wing.” The squared wing provides about 8 lbs to the first Piper wing.