DNA Is Not A Lie – Know the Hidden Truth with The Test

DNA Is Not A Lie – Know the Hidden Truth with The Test

DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid forms a genetic material, which instructs various functions of the body. They include determining the traits of a person, metabolic activities, and much more. A person inherits 50% of DNA from the parents. A gene informs regarding the genetic diseases. That is, you can know how protein, calories, and others affect your health.

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About DNA

DNA is present in the cells (nuclei) and these cells contain hereditary material. This material creates identical copies by replicating. DNA present within the cells is known as nuclear DNA, and DNA within mitochondria is called mitochondrial DNA. The genetic material contains 4 chemicals such as guanine, thymine, denine, and cytosine.

These bases combine one another to form base pairs. According to studies, a person will have genes from 20,000 to 25,000, and each gene has 2 copies, one from the parent cell.

Is DNA testing important?

Genes transmit to children from their parents, so health conditions like thyroid, cancer, diabetes, PCOS, heart problems, and others inherit in the family. With DNA testing, you can identify genetic risks. By this, you will get more time to treat the diseases. Also, you can make changes in your lifestyle to prevent the disease and stay healthy.

DNA testing not only helps to find the risk of health conditions but also helps in identifying the lifestyle factors too. In case your father and mother are not available or unwilling to test, you can undergo sibling DNA testing to know your family history.

Here is some information about DNA testing that helps you to understand DNA is not a lie. Let us know in detail:

Not a lie: The ethnicity report helps to know your identity, but few companies are using it for different purposes. In the DNA testing process, genetics are shattered into pieces. These pieces match with those sharing similar genetic markers.

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